Consumer loan processing

Modernise your entire lending process with our end-to-end loan processing services to support revenue growth, drive down cost and risk, and increase customer retention and satisfaction.


Scale quickly to keep pace with the dynamic lending market, attract and retain customers, and find new growth. Support your operations with a modern, flexible and secure platform that reduces costs, modernises and automates operations, mitigates compliance risk and improves customer experience.

DXC’s consumer loan services address these business needs so you operate efficiently and at scale. Backed by over three decades of industry experience, we support a variety of loan products — consumer, commercial, SME, asset-finance and mortgages. We can manage the entire process from onboarding, loan administration, investor accounting, payment processing, customer service and collections, through asset management, liquidation and compliance.

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Reimagine insurance business processes in the cloud and create business value with DXC  and AWS.


Modernise for tangible cloud, workplace and application business results with DXC and Microsoft.

Bottomline Technologies

Achieve greater business outcomes with DXC's BPO solutions integrating Bottomline's flexible payment and banking technology.

Creative Virtual

Leverage conversational AI services  based on Creative Virtual's industry-leading V-Person technology and V-Portal platform.